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The Atlanta Journal-Constitution keeps the free press active locally.

Our business is evolving. Our commitment to journalism remains unchanged.
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“We are honored to fulfill our public service mission, duty and responsibility for you and our community. Thank you for trusting us.”

Donna B. Hall, Publisher

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“Journalism is fundamentally a human endeavor provided by people with a calling. They are driven to follow the facts no matter where they lead.”

Kevin G. Riley, Editor

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Meet some of the journalists who press on for you every day.

A photo of journalist Bill Torpy

Bill Torpy

  • Metro Columnist
  • Southside Chicago Native
  • 40-year Journalist
  • Truth Seeker
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A photo of journalist Carrie Teegardin

Carrie Teegardin

  • Investigative
  • Pulitzer Prize Finalist
  • Mother of Two
  • Voice for the Voiceless
Read Carrie’s Letter
A photo of journalist Willborn P. Nobles the third

Wilborn P. Nobles III

  • Atlanta City Hall
  • Louisiana State University Grad
  • Budding Gardener
  • Government Watchdog
Read Wilborn’s Letter
A photo of journalist Patricia Murphy

Patricia Murphy

  • Politics
  • Atlanta Native
  • A Twin with Twins
  • Second-Generation Journalist
Read Patricia’s Letter
A photo of journalist Kelly Yamanouchi

Kelly Yamanouchi

  • Business
  • Harvard Grad
  • Airport Expert
  • ASNE-APME First Amendment Award Winner
Read Kelly’s Letter
A photo of journalist Michael Cunningham

Michael Cunningham

  • Sports
  • University of Louisville Grad
  • Dog Dad
  • Stats Guy
Read Michael’s Letter
A photo of journalist Ligaya Figueras

Ligaya Figueras

  • Food & Dining
  • University of Michigan Grad
  • Food-Gifting Neighbor
  • Avid Soccer Player
Read Ligaya’s Letter
A photo of journalist Bill Rankin

Bill Rankin

  • Courts
  • Product of Atlanta Public Schools
  • Atlanta Press Club Hall of Fame
  • Defender of the First Amendment
Read Bill’s Letter
A photo of journalist Ernie Suggs

Ernie Suggs

  • Civil Rights
  • North Carolina Central University Grad
  • National Association of Black Journalists
  • Embraces Cultural Pride
Read Ernie’s Letter
A photo of journalist Tia Mitchell

Tia Mitchell

  • Washington, D.C.
  • Florida A&M Grad
  • Fitness Enthusiast
  • Political Watchdog
Read Tia’s Letter
A photo of journalist John Perry

John Perry

  • Data Specialist
  • Cherokee Nation Citizen
  • State Champion Bike Racer
  • Father and Family Man
Read John’s Letter

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